The Tourettes EP (2016)

by PLATOON 1107

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released August 22, 2016

All music, lyrics, vocals, guitar, bass, recording, mixing, and production (except where noted).
© The Sisco Kid Music (SESAC), 2016. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Jimmy Sisco California

This page consists of the solo music projects of Jimmy Sisco. Ranging the genres of acoustic (J.SIsco) to ambient (Lights To Lights) to experimental (Of Puritans And Lepers) to punk (Platoon1107) to metal (Anchorhold), these albums and the songs therein have been written, played, recorded, mixed, and produced by Jimmy Sisco himself since the year 2001. ... more

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Track Name: Tourettes (Nirvana cover)
This song was written by Kurt Cobain and recorded by Nirvana for their 1993 album In Utero. Look up the lyrics online.
Track Name: Faithless Elector
Just do the job
We trust you to do, We pay you to do
You have failed
Track Name: The Albatross
Hung on my neck
The albatross, not the cross
May God save thee
From all the fiends
I’m at a loss
I shot the albatross
Track Name: Studio Punk
Two-faced double-agent three-chord chump
Choreographed stage poses, Wannabe punk
Studio punk
Perfectly-placed patches on perfectly-tattered clothes
Perfectly-timed lip-snarls at your silly shows
Studio punk, Poser junk
What would Paul Baloff do!?
Track Name: 2000 Years And Still Waiting
2000 years is a long time to wait
When “I’m coming back soon” is the promise that was made
The joke’s on us!
Is the joke on us?
Sometimes I wonder
If the joke’s on us
Track Name: 26 Counts of Battery (re-recording)
An absolute apology appeals absolution
Benevolence begets beautiful behavior between brethren
Censuring complacency can circumvent complicity
Decrease debauchery, detestable deficient desires
Enjoy encounters enigmatic
Forgoing fear
Gracious God gives gratis grace
Hell holds hostage
Idiotic iconoclasts
Juvenile jerks
Keep kindred knowledge
Living liturgy
My mystic meal
Narcissistic necessity never necessitates nirvana
Onomasiology overrides outlandish omneity
Progenerate panarchy perpetuates panopticon
Quantum quandaries quelled, quintessential quietus
Relativism retrogrades
Salvation’s stir
Tubal-Cain’s terrigenous tasks
Understanding underground
Volunteer vaccinations, volunteer vivisection
Wisdom warrants
Zeitgeist zeal
Track Name: Dissonant Counterpoint
You claim the truth is exclusive to you
Salvation’s only yours, the chosen few
Heaven’s yours, Hell’s for them, Narcissistic creed
And because with you I vehemently disagree
To someone I’m a heretic, apostate, infidel, unsaved
Backslidden sinner, not one of the elect
A heathen, a pagan, a prodigal, a fool
But at least I’m not like you
And I swear with all of my being I will never be like you and your kind
Track Name: My Rifle And I (re-recording)
This is my rifle
There are many like it but this one is mine
Without me my rifle is useless, Without my rifle I am useless
This is my rifle
There are many like it but this one is mine
We are the defenders of my country
We are the masters of my enemy,
We are the saviors of my life
My rifle and I