The Split EP: Platoon 1107​​/​​The Cants (2013)

by PLATOON 1107

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The Split EP features 6 new songs from patriotic American hardcore band Platoon 1107 (solo project of Jimmy Sisco: Absolved, Lights To Lights, Of Puritans And Lepers) and 4 new songs from Nashville hardcore band The Cants (featuring Shawn Cothram: ex-Hit The Deck, ex-Zippy Josh).

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released June 18, 2013

Platoon 1107: All music, lyrics, vocals, guitar, bass, recording, mixing, producing, and mastering by Jimmy Sisco.
© The Sisco Kid Music (SESAC), 2013. All rights reserved.
Thumper Punk Records, 2013.



all rights reserved


Jimmy Sisco California

This page consists of the solo music projects of Jimmy Sisco. Ranging the genres of acoustic (J.SIsco) to ambient (Lights To Lights) to experimental (Of Puritans And Lepers) to punk (Platoon1107) to metal (Anchorhold), these albums and the songs therein have been written, played, recorded, mixed, and produced by Jimmy Sisco himself since the year 2001. ... more

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Track Name: Twentysix Counts Of Battery
An absolute apology appeals absolution
Benevolence begets beautiful behavior between brethren
Censuring complacency can circumvent complicity
Decrease debauchery, detestable deficient desires
Enjoy encounters enigmatic
Forgoing fear
Gracious God gives gratis grace
Hell holds hostage
Idiotic iconoclasts
Juvenile jerks
Keep kindred knowledge
Living liturgy
My mystic meal
Narcissistic necessity never necessitates nirvana
Onomasiology overrides outlandish omneity
Progenerate panarchy perpetuates panopticon
Quantum quandaries quelled, quintessential quietus
Relativism retrogrades
Salvation’s stir
Tubal-Cain’s terrigenous tasks
Understanding underground
Volunteer vaccinations, volunteer vivisection
Wisdom warrants
Zeitgeist zeal
Track Name: For God, For Family, For Country
Administrations: they come and go
Our Presidents: some high, some low
The government doesn't always show the people which way to go
They put the noose around our throat
Take our freedoms with a single vote
To secure our rights we'll swear this oath
Will we cease to fight for the Republic? Hell no!
For my God
For my family
For my country
What matters most!
Track Name: And Of Heaven In Such A Hell
Open your eyes, my friend, and look around
Yah there’s death tonight, yah there’s death tonight
Open your eyes, my friend, and look around
Yah there’s sorrow tonight, Yah there’s sorrow tonight
Open your eyes, my friend, and look around
Yah there’s loneliness, yah it’s everywhere
Now open your heart, my friend, and open your arms
Let’s go
Speak for the silenced and fight for the weak
Listen for the lost and those that weep
Don’t turn your back cuz it could’ve been you
In a world that’s dying walk the Path of life and truth
And of heaven in such a hell.
Track Name: American Patriot
And liberty
And the pursuit
Of anyone who threatens these rights
American patriot
Track Name: Fools On Parade
Since when do I allow some kids
Hardly old enough to vote to tell me how to perceive my Republic?
Over-zealous cuz they just watched a Michael Moore film, and
With their allowance money they
Bought a Rage Against the Machine CD and now they have some pseudo axe to grind
Remember when heavy metal was music for the tough?
Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions but to verbally abuse the nation that has afforded you the freedom to talk such trash is pathetic
And these ungrateful know-it-all’s apparently have guitars,. $80 haircuts, and wear women’s jeans ten sizes too small
Don’t you know this nation and its principles will still be here long after your band’s cd’s are in the cutout bin!
Track Name: Separatist
All you politicians, you’re really all the same
Special-interest slavery but under different names
Promising the world and more just to get elected
Hope? Change? Ha! You all make me laugh!

Preacher on the TV screen whisper in their ears
Toll-free number at the bottom, the answer to their tears
Give a lot of money just to get God’s time?
You’re a liar and a thief, and you make me laugh!

You’ve made a lot of films, you’ve made a lot of money
Just because they laugh at you doesn’t mean you’re funny
So now you think you’re qualified to tell us how to think?
Or how to vote or how to look? You all make me laugh!

Belittle the religious, scoff at those with faith
Attack the mosque, the synagogue, the church and those who pray
Intolerance you claim to hate but let me introduce you
Pot, meet kettle. You all make me laugh!

Hollywood celebrity in a third-world country
Carefully choreographed acts of compassion I see
Hug a child tight when the camera’s just right
Invite the media, just as planned: you’re on the news tonight

Warn now all the masses about some global warming
Then hop onto your private jet, actions non-conforming
Preach to congregations about a holy life
Then home you go to beat your kids an cheat on your wife

Rage Against the Machine makes a ton of money
For being Communist I find that rather funny
And lastly to all you terrorists around the world
You’re no martyrs! You’re just full of crap!