B​-​Sides And One​-​Offs (2012​-​2016)

by PLATOON 1107

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This is a compilation of songs that have previously appeared on various compilations, benefit albums, and as b-sides to other releases. There is some unreleased material on here as well.


released December 31, 2016

All music, lyrics, vocals, guitar, bass, recording, mixing, producing, and mastering by Jimmy Sisco, except where noted.
© The Sisco Kid Music (SESAC), 2012-2016. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Jimmy Sisco California

This page consists of the solo music projects of Jimmy Sisco. Ranging the genres of acoustic (J.SIsco) to ambient (Lights To Lights) to experimental (Of Puritans And Lepers) to punk (Platoon1107) to metal (Anchorhold), these albums and the songs therein have been written, played, recorded, mixed, and produced by Jimmy Sisco himself since the year 2001. ... more

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Track Name: The Spectrum
My child…my sweet, beautiful, amazing child
From the very day you were born I loved you so
And my love for you is unconditional and everlasting
Who really knows where all of these pieces fit?
On this mysterious puzzle we gaze
In love, in wonder, in compassion, sometimes frustration…and often in tears
Hugs and kisses: our vaccine for the ages
And whatever else gets us through the night
To outsiders it seems like a scourge, an obstacle in the way of some fruitless search
They ignorantly label that which they simply do not understand
Such common, such typical man
As a war to be waged on some oppressor, that is how they perceive it
They stare and they look - does it all make more sense to them now?
They gossip and they whisper - do they feel better now?
Well I don’t pity you, my child, like they act like they do
I love you with every fabric of my being!
There is no war here
Just hugs and kisses and acceptance and family and love
It’s part of what makes you you
It’s part of what makes you you
And I…love…you!
Track Name: Twentynine Stumps (re-recording)
It’s too hot at 29 Palms / Too much sand, nothin to do / Desert rats are gross and they’re lookin for you / Black flag! Black flag! 29 Palms!
Track Name: Fools On Parade (re-recording)
Since when do I allow some kids
Hardly old enough to vote to tell me how to perceive my Republic?
Over-zealous cuz they just watched a Michael Moore film, and
With their allowance money they
Bought a Rage Against the Machine CD and now they have some pseudo axe to grind
Get some life experience, and stay in your lane!

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions but to verbally abuse the nation that has afforded you the freedom to talk such trash is pathetic
And these ungrateful know-it-all’s apparently have guitars,. $80 haircuts, and wear women’s jeans ten sizes too small
Don’t you know this nation and its principles will still be here long after your band’s cd’s are in the cutout bin!
Track Name: For God, For Family, For Country (vocals only)
Administrations: they come and go
Our Presidents: some high, some low
The government doesn't always show the people which way to go
They put the noose around our throat
Take our freedoms with a single vote
To secure our rights we'll swear this oath
Will we cease to fight for the Republic? Hell no!
For my God
For my family
For my country
What matters most!
Track Name: Live Free Or Die (acoustic version)
We pledge our lives / We pledge our fortunes / We pledge our sacred honor / In Her defense, so help us God / Supporting our mighty Constitution / Defending our Bill of Rights / Don’t tread on us /
We’ll live free or die

*Lyrics taken in part from the Declaration of Independence.
Soundclip sample taken from the public domain Department of Defense video “Preamble to Peace” (1957)